Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cougar/HotWife/Cuckoldress....Horny Wife/Mom

Yes all those titles seem to fit....I'm an early 50's wife and mom that has blossomed late into this sexual consortium of desiring other cocks, especially black cocks...big black cocks....other cocks that I enjoy while I may allow my hubby the pleasure to watch as I am used in just about every position that is sexually fashionable....and beyond.

I am a corporate rising star by day, though I do find time to flirt at times with certain clients, the hunk that repairs our copier, the occasional elevator rider that finds themselves alone with a hot momma that is probably wetter than they could ever dream....yes if they wanted I would lift my skirt and offer that wetness to them for a "quickie"....and I do mean a quickie...until we realize the doors are about to open....don't mess my hair or make-up tho...there's plenty of time after 5 for that to happen.

This lifestyle is new, it's exciting, I'm just enough of an adventurist to love it thoroughly. I am amazed at my hubby's desire to see me with others, or to hear of my episodes after they have happened....ohhhh does he get me so wet, knowing I can play in this fashion and he's hard and aching for me at home.....what a man....and his cock isn't shabby either.....I love it, ride it, fuck it, and swallow it on a regular basis.

It will be interesting to see how this blog evolves and what we learn from it and others that we hopefully develop friendships with along the gentle with us...but be least at and hugs...and slurpy kisses


  1. You two sound like fun! I look forward to following this blog in the weeks and months ahead. Good luck and have fun! And.....thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. well here is to hoping we read many adventures

  3. Yeah I am struggling with that I have actually gone on a date as shown in (This post) I am, for now a cheating wife, hubby is an unknowing cuckold with desires of having a hot wife that he doesnt know he already has...hmmm

  4. We know exactly how you guys feel.
    and we'd love to hear more.


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